Choose from a full range of brand-name, high-efficiency furnaces.

When it comes to buying a furnace, there are many factors to consider. They include: What are the annual operating costs? How long will it last? Is the furnace energy – efficient?

Energy efficiency is a particularly important consideration, especially when you consider that heating and cooling your home uses from 40%-60% of your home’s energy. Today’s high-efficiency furnaces can run at 98% efficiency, and save up to 30% more energy than older, standard-efficiency furnaces.

At McCrea’s ClimateCare, we have a wide selection of quality, brand-name furnaces that are affordable, reliable and energy efficient. Our experts can help determine which is the best furnace for your home. Every one of our technicians is fully certified and experienced in the proper installation and maintenance of all makes and models of furnaces.

All of our furnaces are backed with our exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can count on many years of comfort and peace of mind.

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