Made in Canada Geothermal System

Nordic geothermal Heat pump Maritime Geothermal Ltd. is the brains behind the Nordic® brand of heat pumps. Making high quality heat pumps that:

Are the perfect choice for sustainable home heating and cooling.
Are eco friendly.
Will reduce your monthly utility bills by up to 60%.
When you choose to buy a Nordic® heat pump, you’re choosing to support a Canadian company and helping make the world a more sustainable place.

Nordic® manufacture heat pumps at their facility in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick, Canada. Their highly trained and experienced Nordic® team members design, test and build both residential heat pumps and commercial heat pumps in-house.

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Clarity - Water Heaters (Starting at $23.95/month)

Select from a tankless or tank-type water heater and enjoy quality, reliability, and the following benefits.

  • 12 year comprehensive parts and labour warranty.
  • High-performance, money-saving efficiency.
  • Ongoing scheduled maintenance program.