Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation -

RADON MITIGATION is the process used to reduce radon gas concentrations in the occupied spaces of buildings in order to reduce occupants exposure to elevated levels of radon.

Once you measure a building for radon and determine that levels are too high, it is imperative that you contact a C-NRPP approved professional such as McCrea's Climatecare to quickly reduce your Radon levels. Depending on the construction of your home and the severity of the reading there are a variety of strategies that can be applied.

RADON MITIGATION can include measures which will include sealing, removing or ventilating.

    Sealing the building foundation will attempt to prevent radon entry.
    Removing radon from below the building to reduce the amount of radon entering the building from ground contact.
    Ventilating the building air will provide dilution of the inside air reducing radon concentrations.


Radon mitigation photo courtesy of CNRPP



The most effective method of RADON MITIGATION is by removing radon through the use of Active Soil Depressurization(ASD).






To discuss your needs contact McCrea's Climatecare, C-NRPP certified Radon Mitigation professionals covering Arnprior and Renfrew.